Business Taxes in KCMO

Stay compliant with City, County, State and Federal Tax Regulations

Businesses operating in Kansas City, Missouri are subject to a number of tax obligations and other requirements at the city, county, state and federal levels. By knowing beforehand which tax obligations and other governmental requirements are necessary for your business to operate, you can plan in advance to assure that your business meets these obligations.

Industy Tax Guides

The KCMO Department of Revenue has developed Tax Guides for specific industries.

City Tax Regulations

The Revenue Division administers several taxes and licenses, including:

  • Earnings Tax (for individuals and businesses)
  • Business License
  • Arena Fee (for hotels/motels and rental car businesses)
  • Convention and Tourism Tax (food service and hotels/motels)
  • Special Assessments
  • Utility Taxes and Cable Franchise Fees

Taxpayers should file returns in accordance with the schedule for each tax type.

Earnings Tax

One of the unique taxes levied by the City of Kansas City, Missouri is the Earnings Tax, a one percent withholding on gross wages, salaries, commissions and all other earned compensation paid to employees living and/or working in Kansas City, Mo. For businesses, the tax is one percent of net profits.

Sales and Use Taxes

The City does not administer the local component of the sales tax. Retailers remit sales taxes to the State of Missouri and the receipts are then distributed to the City.

Property Taxes

Every person owning or holding real property or tangible personal property on January 1 of any calendar year shall be liable for taxes, with exemptions for certain properties, such as those for charitable, educational and religious purposes. Property tax rates include levies.

For residents of Kansas City, real and personal property taxes, other than for railroads and utilities, are included on the county property tax bill. No separate billing for these taxes comes from the City.

Business Tax Dates & Deadlines

All businesses operating in Kansas City should review the Revenue Division's Tax Calendar to ensure tax compliance.

Tax Payment Methods

  • Payments can be submitted by electronic check (EFT) via the Revenue Division’s online Quick Tax system.

  • You may pay online with a credit or debit card through Quick Tax (a third-party convenience fee will apply). Debit cards are processed as credit cards. Accepted credit cards include American Express, Discover, Master Card, and Visa.

  • You can also pay by check if submitting a paper return.

  • Cash, credit or debit cards, and checks are accepted in our offices (Treasury Division—City Hall, first floor). Please visit the Revenue Division prior to making cash payments.

County Tax Regulations

At the county level, business owners must obtain a Merchant’s License and file a Business Property and Equipment Declaration. The City of Kansas City, Missouri, proper, city limits, reside in parts of four counties that may have additional requirements your business will need to meet. These include occupation or liquor licenses and personal or real property taxes.

Contact the county where your business will be located to determine which of these requirements apply.

  • Jackson County Courthouse, Assessors Office, 415 E. 12th St., 1M, Kansas City, MO 64106; Phone: 816-881-3530

  • Platte County Collector’s Office, 415 3rd Street, Room 212, Plate City, Missouri 64079; Phone 816-858-3356

  • Clay County Courthouse Assessor’s Office, 1 Courthouse Square Liberty, MO 64068; Phone: 816-407-3470

  • Cass County Courthouse, 2725 Cantrell Road Harrisonville, MO 64701; Phone: 816-380-8377